Film review: Avengers Endgame

SS: 6.5/10 As a fandom movie, it achieved the greatest success in history.

After more than ten years planning and 21 movies, Marvel studio finally released their first ten years finale. No doubt it is a great success, or maybe the greatest commercial movie success in the history. From the data of pre-book tickets box office, it is not hard to tell that how successful is this. However, back to the quality of this movie, it is also hard to make me want to rate it a high score.

The biggest problem of this movie but also of the directing skills of Russo brothers is that when narrative multiple characters storylines.



In this movie, the avenger is divided into three teams to find infinity stones from the past. Each avengers have their own mission or I should say that each avenger has their own storyline. 8 avengers, nearly equal number of storylines, to tell these story right is a very difficult job. To this whole story, these stories are equal important, which means directors cannot let one or two storylines steal other’s thunder. But equal importance storylines are easy to lose the audience’s attention. The audience will get tired when they finish digested the first two story and found out that other storylines may have the same mode.

To be honest, this movie is made for fans and only fans will like this movie. In the movie, directors nearly brought back all the actors and actress that fans may want to see. Besides the surprising actors and actress, Pepper wears in the iron man suit, Captain America said “Assemble”, finally. These elements only fans will understand. So, here is the million dollars question, fans finally waited to an ending of 10 years long story, will they continue watching Marvel movie after this one? Especially, this movie almost wraps up everything and solve almost all those unsolved things. This is a huge test for Marvel studio. Are fan being loyal to the past 10 years story, actors and actresses, or Marvel Studio’s brand?

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