SS: 7/10 The new technology brings the story to the next level.

Ang Li’s new film, Gemini Man, once again starts a cinema revolution all over the world. Like last time, this film also shot in 4K, 120FPS, which you many not able to see in your local cinema. Since the upgrade fee is too high for those cinema companies and only a few High-Tec films each year, there is not enough reason for them to spend that money. And which ii think is the main reason that reviewers don’t like this film, this film must be seen in a 4K&120FPS cinema.

Luckily, there are some High-Tec cinemas in China, well, actually quite a lot. So, I experienced Li’s new High-Tec work, and to be honest, it’s brilliant! The story is not the spotlight, just a very classic Hollywood style story, but the car chasing scene and the fighting scene on the 4K 120fps screen, it is so extraordinary. “Cool” won’t be enough to describe it.

I think I should explain what is 4K and 120FPS. Well, you can wiki or google it, of course, but I would like to explain them to you by myself, which will make this article looks not too short. 4K means the resolutions. It is much clearer than those films we usually watch, as those would be 2K. So, yes, double it. As 120 fps, this may hard to explain. FPS as short of “frames per second”. The movie also called “motion picture”. One short clip of video actually contained maybe thousand or hundred of pictures, when you watching the video, actually, you are watching those pictures flipping in front of your eyes every quickly. So, normally, in film, 24 pictures will be slipped in front of you in one second, but in this film, there will be 120pictures in ONE SECOND! This really is amazing, all the pictures are in 4K and 120 in one second, which means you can see everything in this film clearer than ever, even a pore. With this technology, the characters on the screen will be more real and lively.

Watching this film in a proper cinema may be a challenge, but it will be soon available in a DVD store or online store, try it on your best screen at home.