FILM REVIEW: Sonic the hedgehog

SS:3/10 There is no logic in the storyline, which causes a terrible story narrative.

After a series of remakes, the Sonic movie finally came out this year. You probably still remember the behind that scene story, when first trailer came out with that weird version Sonic. Disappointing wouldn’t be enough to describe it. But after the remake, thankfully the production company gave the team a second chance to modify the character model, a 3D Sonic appears on the screen this summer.

With the finally got it right Sonic, Jim Carrey, James Marsden and Tina Sumpter, a very good cast, you probably think there is no way that the movie could go wrong, however, it went really wrong.

As always, there will be spoilers in the following text.

Whatever characters do, they need to follow the logic, which is an important part that compose a story. Having no logic in this story makes every character lack of motivation and weaken the links between every chapters of the movies. In another word, the story goes like “because the director said so” not because in that situation what the characters did in the movie is reasonable.

For example, there is a scene that a meeting in the Pentagon, generals are discussing what they should do about the huge blackout. Why the head general chooses the Dr. Robotnik, who is he, what’s the relationship between him and the government etc. Director and writers left so many questions about this one scene and keep telling next chapter without any explanation about this scene. Left a black hole in the logic line, making the whole story doesn’t make any sense. A problem like this I can keep going, all those problems making the remake of Sonic model in vain. ‘Cause even a real-life real Sonic cannot save the movie, if the story is a bad apple.

But yes, for fans, watching your childhood hero running on the big screen, might still let you have goosebumps, well, about that I didn’t.

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