SS: SurftechyScore, my own rating system, try my best to give a fair score, and you can using this score as a guidance to pick the movie.

SS+:¬†SurftechyScore Plus, comparing the SS rating, this one much more specific for some special group. Some movie may to suitable for all of us, but could be good for some group, elders, children, etc. For example, “SS+Kids”, specialised for kids.


Hi! Thank you for visiting my site. This is a quiet place that i can write something I like. You don’t have to agree everything i said, sometimes I’m crazy. But I do give a fair score to movie, if you think I give one movie a low score, it probably means that you need to do some homework ; )¬†

However, I do usually give some movie a high score which even higher than those media( cannot high too much, take Venom as an example, I gave it 6.0)

Anyway, if you like my site, you can share the link, write your own review and send to me, or donate me some money which I really need it to maintain the server. Can’t use my mother’s credit card all the time hhhhh.