Short Film Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

Ending save the whole movie, or I should say, Queen’s song save it.

Story been told in a weird way? Or I should say that “what a mess”? Actors give their best performance in this movie wit no doubt.

However director seems still don’t know how to tell a good story after making so many X-men movie.

After all, the whole movie is rescued by Queen’s songs. 7 scores all for Queen, this legendary band and their legend.

Short Film Review: First Man

70mm IMAX, bring you back to that age

In my eyes, this is the best picture of the year(so far), 70mm make this movie full of the sense of the times, making audiences feeling like watching a real documentary but not.

The whole movie, 2h21min was the best time I had this year in a cinema. Ryan keep his high quality performance no doubt so does Claire.

Anyway, please go watch this and please go to a IMAX cinema, if you could find a non-digital IMAX cinema would be even better.

Review: Johnny English Strikes Again

6/10 Producers, if u don’t have a new idea of story then figure out one or please stop it.

We don’t need to criticize Rowan’s performance. He is a pro, always perfect performance, great comedy actor. However the producers of this movie should be criticized really hard.

If u don’t have a new story to tell, then don’t make the third movie. The whole story is totally similar as before, making audiences feel sick of it. I rated this movie 6, for anything except the story and visual effect.

Oh btw, the visual effect, especially the castle and submarine at end of the movie , so terrible. I mean, come on! It’s 21 century!


Contemporary discrimination of blacks and their cruel reality is finally being treated in Hollywood

The aside at the beginning of the film was too long, and the deliberate depiction of the shoes in the film slowed down the rhythm of the first 15 minutes of the film.

The King line exists in the film is a big BUG, not enough to become the main factor hindering the heroine to be quiet.

The overall film has a tight rhythm, except for the first 15 minutes, which is a step-by-step demonstration the the heroine’s journey of turning into a rebellion, after seeing the friend after being shot by the police.

I truly believe after some modifies, this could be a good Oscar movie.

Review: Venom

6/10 Unfair Score, not that bad

In this movie, creators show us a new venom which different from the one in our head, the one we thought, evil, darkness, brutal, and which is also the reason why media press gave a such low score.

Could venom be hero? In comics, yes, could be, so why in movie he has to be Bad guy, and this, a hero venom, make a lot of people feel doesn’t right.

Back to movie itself, car chasing scene really awful. What a mess! FF series and M:I series, even ant man are better than this one! And the way to shape the villains in this movie is the biggest failure of the film.

 Good things are Tom Hardy’s performance and the final fight’s slow motion scene. One is so professional, the other one is really beautiful. Media sure gave a low score, not that fair but this movie not that good too.

At the end of this article, I have to mention something interesting that Venom got more than 0.2 billion dollar in China.

SHORT TV REVIEW:Doctor Who: S11E01

The Woman Who Fell to Earth: New, Not bad but could be better

Jodie Whittaker giving us a typically performance of “Doctor Who”, just like her predecessor. Because it only release one episode, so it’ll give us a long time to see what’s really new brought in by Jodie.

Comparing with last 4 doctors and their first episodes, this episode is good but not better than them, honestly, a little disappointed. The way to explain DNA bomb and the way to show Doctor build her sonic screwdriver is a little bit sudden and awkward.

The classic and very important line, “I am the doctor”, always company with an inspiring speech and a cool pose which make fans expecting for months and excited from the moment that Doctor gonna say that till the rest of the episode. Well… u can’t expect too much for that this time. Despite of those, the first episode have dozen of great improvements.

At last i want to say: the best visual effect than before and the way that producers deal with story lines is quite new and filmized. Let’s see what will happen next week.