SS: 5.5/10 A mixture of horror and adventure films, doesn’t handle so well, but worth the ticket.

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IT Chapter two, based on Stephen King’s work IT. The story continues where the last one ended, the seven kids made a patch, and in this film, the story will mainly about when they all grow up, after 27 years, how will them fight the clown again. Not like 27 years before, when they are little, they have less to worried about, the adult world totally changed them, but the same nightmare, the Clown has never changed, could they win this time as well?

The book set the whole story in a small town, which focuses on childhood trauma and also satirizes the ugly thought and overdated value in contemporary America. The film follows the book’s core concept, but the huge story and massive storylines will not be easily handled and clearly this film doesn’t handle these well.

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The clown uses their childhood fears to scar them, weak them down, these need to show the audience all their nightmare form their childhood. 7 people’s nightmare in one film isn’t possible, so there will be something missing in the film, the film will mainly focus on how to scar the audience. However, this weak the main storyline, audience doesn’t know what exactly are their trauma, the audience only knows they scared of the same thing that the characters are scared of too. This happened in Avengers: Endgame too, too many storylines, how to tell them.

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The female character in this film shows a typical Hollywood female character style. Either for having a relationship with everyone in the film or is the one who inspires the male character. In this film is the first one. Female just like a male, can do everything, using female characters just for adding some drama in the film is totally wrong.

As I mentioned before, King’s work also satirizes those ugly outdated value, this film wants to show some of those elements too, but too deliberate, just like there are four gays in the film, I won’t tell you what happened and who are they, no spoilers. But there is so less background plot for those conflicts, and homophobia definitely cannot be the only outdated thing right? It feels like this film wants some deeper meaning, then just add some homophobia.

The last part of the film, the story has completely collapsed. Main characters used a so stupid way to kill the Clown, can’t say, spoiler. They can do better.

Overall, it still worth the ticket if you like a horror film.

Film Review: Good Boys

SS: 5/10 Funny but meaningless.

Universal Pictures

Good boys with Seth Rogen as one of the producer and Jacob Tremblay from Room, using age conflict and family conflict as the “punch line”, giving audience maybe the best comedy film in cinema this summer.

The film is full of the funny and hilarious point, which are made of the conflicts as I mentioned before. Using the child’s innocent reaction about adult’s world and combina with the family relationship and friendship to make audience laugh, meanwhile the relationship part makes this film doesn’t looks like a joke collection, or in another words, makes this film have some worthiness and deeper meaning.

If you worried about this film may not be as funny as you expected, you would be fine. The film is totally funny and interesting. But if you looking for more than laugh, this film may not be a good choice for you. Weak storyline, awkward character personality building and poor writing about the family relationship and the friendship totally drag this film down a lower level.

Overall, if you wanna have a good time of laughing, this is the film you better not miss, but that is all.