SS: 6.5/10 Not scared, not very logical, needs work.

US directed and wrote by Jordan Peele from Get Out, the one almost win the Oscar last year. The score on IMDB is 81, however, surftechy will only give this one a 6.5. As a horror and thriller movie, US build a great atmosphere, the dark night, shouting high pitch voice, the piano bass all those horror elements cooperated so good, all those elements are reminding you to get ready be scared which makes me highly nervous. Well… this highly nervous did not last long. the first 10 or 15 min I got highly nervous and nothing happened, only one cheap jump scared and when the movie keep going every time the atmosphere is ready and I am ready to get scared nothing really scary happened. So after half the movie, I think no  one in the cinema is really scared  by this movie. And I remember that one scene which should be scary, I laughed and other few audience laughed too. That is a big failure.

Just like Get out, Jordan Peele likes to give a dark secret reason behind all the horror story. get out, the wired family want to steal the body. And in , Jordan Peele let the government be a scapegoat. Poor U.S. government, always be the scapegoat in the movie. I do believe the director wants a Hugh twist at the end of the movie, so he left the explanation at the end of the movie. But you are a horror movie, a popcorn movie, audiences walk in shit their pants and walk out. They are not ready to walk in and thinking to figure out the reason and walk out. Especially the director left all the explanation and the big twist at the end, so if the audience wants to figure out what happened, they have to rethink the whole movie from the beginning.

Shutter Island has a big twist at the end of the movie but they tell you there will be a twist at the beginning, so will be careful about everything in the movie. However, in when you walk into the cinema, devote yourself into what will scare you, and then when you the big twist shows up, you won’t feel how great is the big twist, because you lose track and leads at the beginning, you were busy preparing to get scared. And because all the explanation is in the last 20mins, I don’t think Jordan really explain the story well, he doesn’t have enough time to fully explain it. 

But now we know, if Jordan a new horror movie, I will be really careful from the beginning.


SS: 6.5/10 Apparently, another classic DC either not a good or too bad movie, and IMDB definitely lost its mind for giving it 75/100. And say hi to superman’s crotch.

I would say that I really looking forward this movie for a long time (yes, I do have a life) and the high score on IMDB, which is 75, makes me feel that this may be the one, the one finally can success. However, no this movie has terrible logic, terrible line, terrible storytelling skills and terrible fighting scene. All of these make me think this movie does not equal to 75 on IMDB. But yes, this movie is brighter and funnier than before. It does make me and other audiences laugh in the cinema.


Let’s skip discuss why choosing a 5 years old child as a successor at the beginning, but the dad as an adult should stop the car immediately when his son gone crazy (Background knowledge: the boy was chosen and teleport into Shazam’s place from a running car and got expelled back to the car, because of he does not have a pure heart to accept Shazam’s power. He was so upset when he back to the car and force to open the door of the running car. This boy’s brother try to stop him and their father distracted by them. So here comes the car accident. Boy’s father squeezed out the car.) And that line “You did this.” said by his brother to the boy after their father was broke out of the car. I mean…WHAT??? Genius? That is all you want to say to your young brother? First, it is not the time to blame each other, your father is bleeding on the ground, and if I were him, I would just stare at him angrily instead of saying that line.

The fighting scene is horrible, wait, didi they fight? The only thing i remember is those people hit other into sky or ground, just like the superman movie again. Yes, we get it, you guys can fly and super strong.

The Shazam family should be the biggest surprise in this movie, and this movie do give relatively quite lots scene to them. One thing for sure, they can be invisible. They are so ordinary, and they are inconspicuous in a bunch of special effects just like their superpower, invisibility.

The good thing about this movie should be the horror scene. The director is from Annabelle and the writer also is known by writing horror movies. So they really know how to make a right atmosphere when there is a need to be horror and how to scare their audience, well slightly, this still is a PG-13 superhero movie.

TV REVIEW: Love, Death & Robots

SS: 8.5/10 A series of short but interesting animations. Very suitable for on a bus, waiting for , or during a coffee break.

Create by Tim Miller and David Fincher, 18 episodes animation TV show. Each episode is around 10 mins, the shortest one only has 5 mins. All these episodes have a different style, 2D, 3D or 2D rendering 3D, and all these episodes came from different studios all over the world.

Although each episode is very short, the content in one episode is definitely not shallow. From environment to politics, from gender equality to the biosphere rule. Almost every hot trending topic right now you can find it in the show as well. Meanwhile, various elements from famous IPs(intelligence properties), Ghost in the shell, Indiana Jones and many others could found in the show as well. I think the creators are trying to pay tribute to those marvellous works in this way.

So far, it is a good show, but the reason why I give 8.5 not even higher is that some episodes are not finish their job as a story teller, leaving too much blank to audiences. I personally really hope that those studios could make a full length movie finish telling their story.


SS:6/10 Hey, welcome back Agent Coulson, Fury’s left or right eye (even the cast don’t which eye should be blind according to the former movies) and Lee Pace’s blue face.

Captain Marvel, the first female superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also the first Marvel movie in 2019, it sure is so highly anticipated. And, as usual, Marvel not very much let you down. The whole movie have a very clear , the journey of Carol finding her true self combine with classic been lied and revenge story.

However, the story of finding her true self is pretty weak, feeling like not strong enough to be the main storyline of the whole movie. The reason behind this is that the main character is made into a god just like the last movie I watched, Alita. A god-like character not only makes the villain role be inferior but also weaken the protagonist’s story.

As the first Marvel female character, Captain Marvel this movie is not bad but also can’t say it is a good movie either. I totally understand that the director and the actresses want to use this movie to show how powerful could female be, just like male and even better. From this point, this movie did it and even better than Wonder Woman, which I truly appreciate that, but from the movie and art prospective, this movie still has a lot for improvement.