SS: 9/10 Find the deep of your heart and that is the only thing can define what you are

Twentieth Century Fox Film

Jojo Rabbit from Taika Waititi, the talented New Zealand director who brought us Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Thor: Ragnarok. This time, Taika used a new way to tell the WWII story, and this time via a boy Nazi’s eyes to see this human tragedy. With Best Adapted Screenplay as the golden guarantee, Jojo Rabbit, without any doubts, should in your top 10 films of the year.

In this film, labels are the key topic of the story. Without too many narratives about Nazi’s offences, this film once has been criticized as may mislead the audiences about WWII and the true face of Nazi. However, in my opinion, WWII is just a background set, using this special time to discuss the key argument about humanity.

Twentieth Century Fox Film

Jojo, a young boy who brought up by Nazi education, within that special environment, all the behaviour of him could be explained. But Jojo is just as same as other kids, no correct knowledge about the world or Jewish people. But in the deep of his heart, he knows what a right person’s behaviour should do. Hurting innocent would definitely not on his list.

If over criticised Jojo would not willing to hurt innocent, because of his age, that would be so wrong, as captain K, who I believe joined the force with no choice or finally realized the true face of the Nazi, what he has done on the battlefield is unforgivable, but saved Elsa’s life and protect Jojo which need great courage cannot be forget (I do believe that Captain K knew the tragedy about Rosie then he realized that Jojo may in great danger.)

Twentieth Century Fox Film

Take off their labels, Jew, Nazi and anti-fascism, I saw humanity will shine, in China, there is an old saying, “There are no good or bad people, only good and bad behaviour. Having a conscience, even the most ordinary person could be a saint.”