SS: 9/10 Six short fable stories help you understand life.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs by  Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, the famous Coen brothers whose works always ranked a high score. This time, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs got a high review as well.

The whole movie have six independent stories, like six chapters, each of them are not related but all of them are trying to tell the audience some deeply meaning inside them.

To me, my favourite story is the old tour manager killed his only actor, using a chicken replaced him. The way to show that manager killed the poor boy is the best part of the story. He threw a rock into river, see if it can drown and next camera is an empty carriage, only a chicken in the cage.

The Coen brothers have their unique way of making film, this movie has their unique trademarks as well and good quality definitely should be one of those marks. I’ll update those marks later but you can watch the video from IMDB instead.


SS: 10/10 Simple story but meaningful

I finished watching Roma on the train to Avignon, France. Everyone around me speaking the language I cannot understand and this movie used two languages which also out of my capability as well. But language does not become the barrier between the story and me, in fact, actors’ perfect acting tell the story so good even without the need of understand their line.

A maid’s life in a broken family. When men left their family, women stay together and stay strong, becoming the the pillar of the whole family.

The film is full of metaphors, and the director’s portrayal of male and female characters is quite obvious. The two sexes are completely opposite in the film. Men claim that they have tremendous power, but they can only sway in front of the weak, and only escape at the crucial moment. Women look weak and seek men to rely on, but they are actually stronger than anyone else.

The sky in the water in the beginning of this movie and the sky at the end of the film. The doctor drove carefully, and his wife drove carelessly. The shit in the courtyard, men stand on one leg in the martial arts field. The rough sea and the maid broke the amniotic fluid.

After watching this movie, the first thought is “COOL!” Very simple story but show the powerful of female. However this movie did not win the Black Film Critics Circle awards with rank No.5 on their list. WTF? Black Panther is totally not qualified and it rand No.1?! You cannot give them high score for it is the first black superhero movie and Blade is black as well. And Wonder Woman, overpraise as well, the whole story is disaster. Just because it is the first female superhero movie.

Seriously, please don’t bring politics into the art, let the film get more evaluations than they should, rather than simply being appreciated because of the political factors involved.


SS: 8/10 Bumblebee, good fiction movie release in a wrong time

Bumblebee directed by Travis Knight, from Kubo and Two Strings. A very talented director who bring the Transformers series movie finally into a brand new place. Comparing past five transformers movies, no doubt this is the best of the series. The story have a very clear main line, combining with many side lines make this bumblebee much more real than ever. 

Movie like Transformers, Godzilla, King Kong are all facing a same problem, where to place the human characters? When big monsters like those above fighting together, human beings like an ant to them. People cannot directly fight them also need a perfect excuse to help them which under the limits of  human beings. In this movie, writers give Charlie the perfect job, wake up bumblebee and disconnect the alien energy stuff. It’s not a very easy piece for her but totally she can do it and without big logic loophole.  

The relationship between Bumblebee and the Charlie is quite beautiful. From afraid each other, to bounding together, to the eventually trust. When Charlie history the alien energy on that tower, Bumblebee looked at her for one second and then decided continued fighting with Shatter (Red robot). Bumblebee trust Charlie can do it and decided to fight with Shatter, buying her some time instead of destroy the  alien stuff by himself, leaving both of him and Charlie in a danger of being sneak attacked.

But this good movie really in a wrong time. All those cinema are playing Aquaman in their IMAX or 3D screens, only a few screen for bumblebee which is a way better movie than Aquaman. Again, Aquaman that movie sucks. Please buy a ticket for Bumblebee, which definitely not a waste of your time like Aquaman.

Review: Aquaman

SS: 5/10 Nah… Aquaman sucks.

Aquaman movie full of business movie element and cannot tell the whole story well.

I have to admit it that Wan is very talented. He know how to use elements to attract audiences. Nicole’s 45s long camera fighting scene, thriller elements, hero moment, fantastic camera, and highly restored comic character settings which can attract comic fans, but a good movie need to use these elements to tell the story right, to decorate the movie in stead of steal the story’s thunder. 

The film originally had a very clear main line, but it was influenced by the cumbersome elements of the story. Especially, those hero moment. The film is about the growth of Aquaman, so there should be only one real hero moment, that is, when he gets the king’s trident. However, this Aquaman seems to be posing from beginning to end, but the real hero time is inferior, because by then the audience has been tired of watching him pose.

review: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

SS: 9/10 Jump into the Spider-Verse with the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales 

Best Spider-Man movie ever!!! The best animation movie of the year!!! See 6 Spider-Men saving the world together, see how Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man, from a normal kid to a responsible and skilful hero.

The whole movie using a unique style, feeling the audiences are reading a comic book, feeling like those old comic book but because of the printer error, everything looks a little bit obscure. Feeling like that the director and producers bring the comic book s back to life and in 3D.

The speed of this movie is so good. A new kid got bite by the spider and from an idiot to a master is the base line of this story. And then we give him the family line. Father issue, best friend is his uncle who we all know will die. How to fix the family problem is another line. Then writers give him the third one, bad guy Fisk, other Spider-Man as his teachers, I would call this the motive line, why he want to become a real Spider-Man.

Although, 6 Spider-Man in this movie, Miles Morales is the absolute protagonist. Also could say it’s such a pity that the movie did not using too much part to talk about other Spider-Man. But luckily it did not, otherwise this movie gonna lose its focus. See, 6 charming, unique, special Spider-Man but still cannot let other steal Miles’s thunder. I’m surprise about the way they manage that!

Here comes to the flaw. The BGM really loud, even cover the line sometimes. Okay no other flaws, just buy your tickets and go to watch.

Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet

SS: 7/10 Wreck-It the Ralph is back! Classic Disney movie, love and friendship forever. 

After six years waiting, Ralph fans finally got what they expected. This time, the adventure of Ralph and Vanellope took place on a bigger stage, the infinity internet.

So after R&V build a great friendship last time what will happen this time to threaten their lovable friendship? Well, I cannot tell you that. Let’s focus back on the quality of this movie.

For building a well background of this movie, writers sure do a great job of research, anthropomorphic and cartoonise the internet in a perfect way for understanding. 

 When you set a story on a bigger stage, what do you want? Definitely fully using it! Well this movie not using those wonderful factors, the story still to small, comparing the bing stage. It is like if u tell this whole story without internet, this still can work! I felt pity that this movie did not dig more about the part when Ralph saw the comments about him. That is the true internet! Internet got good people and bad people. Every thing have a dark side.

I do believe that Disney does not want to show how dark could the internet be, especially they are using so bright colour to describe this world, after all this a Disney movie.

Anyway, I fully recommend this movie, laugh and tears, relax yourself in the cinema for 2 hours. Just go.


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