Film Review: Good Boys

SS: 5/10 Funny but meaningless.

Universal Pictures

Good boys with Seth Rogen as one of the producer and Jacob Tremblay from Room, using age conflict and family conflict as the “punch line”, giving audience maybe the best comedy film in cinema this summer.

The film is full of the funny and hilarious point, which are made of the conflicts as I mentioned before. Using the child’s innocent reaction about adult’s world and combina with the family relationship and friendship to make audience laugh, meanwhile the relationship part makes this film doesn’t looks like a joke collection, or in another words, makes this film have some worthiness and deeper meaning.

If you worried about this film may not be as funny as you expected, you would be fine. The film is totally funny and interesting. But if you looking for more than laugh, this film may not be a good choice for you. Weak storyline, awkward character personality building and poor writing about the family relationship and the friendship totally drag this film down a lower level.

Overall, if you wanna have a good time of laughing, this is the film you better not miss, but that is all.

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