Review: Green Book

SS: 8/10

I went into the cinema for 10 minutes and saw a lot of people leaving. I thought the movie was definitely not good, but to my surprise, the film was not bad. Maybe the film was opened for more than 10 minutes. Character has been laying the ground for too long.

The Green Book is a distinctive road movie. I never imagined that a black people affirmative film would be conceived from the perspective of road movies which really to me surprise.

The road movies have a strong characteristic as narrating a story. The emotional relationship between characters becomes strong with the increase of mileage, and the personality of the characters is clearly revealed with the increase of mileage. Dr.Don Shirley and Tony Lip are gradually becoming friends on their road of tour.

Some people think that road movies are very simple, because the clues are clear and the narrative is simple. Just make clear what is happening on the road. In fact, road movies are the easiest to become a self-speaking film without any focus. In fact, this movie has not completely escaped this threat. It is true that there is a constant episode in the film on the road, showing the relationship between the two, and then Tony understands Don’s practice for him to come forward. But after all, there is no major outbreak, and the whole story lacks a core chapter. Several equally important chapters have made the film without any major ups and downs.

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