SS: 6/10 You gotta be kidding me.

Christian Bale’s performance, really made me speechless, in a good way speechless. And Amy Adams presents a really awesome performance in this movie. Actually, all the actors in this movie are great. However, as a biographical film, this movie is very not serious. The director seems want this movie become an irony comedy. 

Well, jokes on him.

Those supposed be funny parts in this movie made me feel nothing but bored. This is the main reason why I gave this movie a 6. This movie does not deserve those Oscar-level performances. If you want to make audiences believe the story you are telling, try to be serious. This does not mean you can not use joke in it, on the contrary, you can use but take the whole story as a serious thing instead of trying to think about how to mock the character in real life. The character you are filming about is a politician, not a comedian. If you just joking around, how should audiences believe your movie is an objective criticism not a bias show?

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