Let’s Talk About: Mary Queen of Scots

SS: 5/10

This movie is not that good as I expected before. After watching the trailer, I expected more story about Mary and Elizabeth. however, the trailer definitely give me a wrong expectation.

And why show us the sex part about Mary and Henry? That part is totally irrelevant with the whole story. I understand the reason why show us Mary had sex with James, but why show us Mary had sex with Henry? For comparing? I don’t think this is a good move.

Well…besides this movie, I want to talk something more in this industry. Something I want to talk about may be sensitive, but please fully read it or don’t read it at all, in case you understand me in a wrong way.

In this movie, one of Elizabeth’s maid is played by asian- look actress and Lord Randolph played by black actor Adrian Lester. Well, maid is not a good job so I will give a pass on the maid thing, however, making a history real person into another race, I don’t think this is appropriate. Considering the history of black people’s long-term oppression of whites, black actors play as a nobleman in the historical biography movie is washing down the history, denying the history.

I understand movie makers maybe only want to make this movie not that white in order to avoid criticism from equal rights fighters. However, this is not making things better, both equal rights fighters and Hollywood. If I were a young black child, I would ask my mother “Why you tell me our race had been discriminated in the history for a long time while in this movie a black guy is in the cabinet?”

I still remember there is another movie also about a real history story which set in US, long time before black people arrive America. It has been slammed by the equal rights fighters as soon as this movie been released. just because this movie too white.

Equal rights fighters thought they are fighting for black people, well, they are really not, they are not helping. Facing the history, remember the history and make sure history will not happened again. Well this is real helping.

So the in the ideal world, in my mind, no one will realise each other’s colour or race, even a blue avatar walking pass you, you won’t look back. For movie, no one will care focus on colour anymore but who have a better performance.

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