SS: 6.5/10 Wait.. Is she a God?

A slow speed at the beginning of this movie and after half hour, suddenly speed up, maybe the director and writers finally realized that they still have tons of things haven’t been told yet? 

All the fight is very cool and can make the audiences feel passionate, however, every time the fight is so short. 

I know Alita is very powerful, but you can’t make your character that powerful, because of this robot is not that perfect and so human like that make audiences to rethink themselves and the society, what is humanity and other deeper questions. But you give us a almost god…

So the whole movie is nothing like the comic. The comic book has very deeper meanings in it while the movie more like a Ready Player One with more green blood and part of body. 

And this is not a 100% Cameron movie. The director is from Sin City(OMG…) and the other writer is from Shutter Island and that awful Terminator movie. All of their pervious work don’t have a high score (shutter island is the only exception) So maybe Cameron does save this movie. Who knows?

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