TV REVIEW: Love, Death & Robots

SS: 8.5/10 A series of short but interesting animations. Very suitable for on a bus, waiting for , or during a coffee break.

Create by Tim Miller and David Fincher, 18 episodes animation TV show. Each episode is around 10 mins, the shortest one only has 5 mins. All these episodes have a different style, 2D, 3D or 2D rendering 3D, and all these episodes came from different studios all over the world.

Although each episode is very short, the content in one episode is definitely not shallow. From environment to politics, from gender equality to the biosphere rule. Almost every hot trending topic right now you can find it in the show as well. Meanwhile, various elements from famous IPs(intelligence properties), Ghost in the shell, Indiana Jones and many others could found in the show as well. I think the creators are trying to pay tribute to those marvellous works in this way.

So far, it is a good show, but the reason why I give 8.5 not even higher is that some episodes are not finish their job as a story teller, leaving too much blank to audiences. I personally really hope that those studios could make a full length movie finish telling their story.

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