SS: 6.5/10 Not scared, not very logical, needs work.

US directed and wrote by Jordan Peele from Get Out, the one almost win the Oscar last year. The score on IMDB is 81, however, surftechy will only give this one a 6.5. As a horror and thriller movie, US build a great atmosphere, the dark night, shouting high pitch voice, the piano bass all those horror elements cooperated so good, all those elements are reminding you to get ready be scared which makes me highly nervous. Well… this highly nervous did not last long. the first 10 or 15 min I got highly nervous and nothing happened, only one cheap jump scared and when the movie keep going every time the atmosphere is ready and I am ready to get scared nothing really scary happened. So after half the movie, I think no  one in the cinema is really scared  by this movie. And I remember that one scene which should be scary, I laughed and other few audience laughed too. That is a big failure.

Just like Get out, Jordan Peele likes to give a dark secret reason behind all the horror story. get out, the wired family want to steal the body. And in , Jordan Peele let the government be a scapegoat. Poor U.S. government, always be the scapegoat in the movie. I do believe the director wants a Hugh twist at the end of the movie, so he left the explanation at the end of the movie. But you are a horror movie, a popcorn movie, audiences walk in shit their pants and walk out. They are not ready to walk in and thinking to figure out the reason and walk out. Especially the director left all the explanation and the big twist at the end, so if the audience wants to figure out what happened, they have to rethink the whole movie from the beginning.

Shutter Island has a big twist at the end of the movie but they tell you there will be a twist at the beginning, so will be careful about everything in the movie. However, in when you walk into the cinema, devote yourself into what will scare you, and then when you the big twist shows up, you won’t feel how great is the big twist, because you lose track and leads at the beginning, you were busy preparing to get scared. And because all the explanation is in the last 20mins, I don’t think Jordan really explain the story well, he doesn’t have enough time to fully explain it. 

But now we know, if Jordan a new horror movie, I will be really careful from the beginning.

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