Review: Venom

6/10 Unfair Score, not that bad

In this movie, creators show us a new venom which different from the one in our head, the one we thought, evil, darkness, brutal, and which is also the reason why media press gave a such low score.

Could venom be hero? In comics, yes, could be, so why in movie he has to be Bad guy, and this, a hero venom, make a lot of people feel doesn’t right.

Back to movie itself, car chasing scene really awful. What a mess! FF series and M:I series, even ant man are better than this one! And the way to shape the villains in this movie is the biggest failure of the film.

 Good things are Tom Hardy’s performance and the final fight’s slow motion scene. One is so professional, the other one is really beautiful. Media sure gave a low score, not that fair but this movie not that good too.

At the end of this article, I have to mention something interesting that Venom got more than 0.2 billion dollar in China.

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