SHORT TV REVIEW:Doctor Who: S11E01

The Woman Who Fell to Earth: New, Not bad but could be better

Jodie Whittaker giving us a typically performance of “Doctor Who”, just like her predecessor. Because it only release one episode, so it’ll give us a long time to see what’s really new brought in by Jodie.

Comparing with last 4 doctors and their first episodes, this episode is good but not better than them, honestly, a little disappointed. The way to explain DNA bomb and the way to show Doctor build her sonic screwdriver is a little bit sudden and awkward.

The classic and very important line, “I am the doctor”, always company with an inspiring speech and a cool pose which make fans expecting for months and excited from the moment that Doctor gonna say that till the rest of the episode. Well… u can’t expect too much for that this time. Despite of those, the first episode have dozen of great improvements.

At last i want to say: the best visual effect than before and the way that producers deal with story lines is quite new and filmized. Let’s see what will happen next week.

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