Goodbye, Jin Yong The God Father of Chinese Wuxia(Martial Arts) Novel

Renowned Chinese martial arts novelist Jin Yong dies at 94. 

Jin Yong, a famous novel writer in China whose work influence at least 3 generations people in China. The characters in his work are known by everyone in China. Every Chinese can name at least two characters’ name of his work.

For his famous work, people regard he as the god father of Chinese Wuxia novel. 

Back in last century, in HongKong, Jin Yong with Ni Kuang, James Wong and Cai Lan called “Hong Kong’s four great talents”.They have a profound knowledge of literature and have had a major impact on the development of not only Hong Kong but also Chinese literature.

Jin Yong’s wuxia novels have a widespread following in Chinese communities worldwide. His 15 works written between 1955 and 1972 earned him a reputation as one of the greatest and most popular wuxia writers ever. By the time of his death he was the best-selling Chinese author, and over 100 million copies of his works have been sold worldwide (not including an unknown number of pirated copies). According to The Oxford Guide to Contemporary World Literature, Jin Yong’s novels are considered to be of very high quality and are able to appeal to both highbrow and lowbrow tastes. His works have the unusual ability to transcend geographical and ideological barriers separating Chinese communities of the world, achieving a greater success than any other contemporary writer. (Wikipedia:

Although the writer who created the wuxia left, the spirit of “Xia(侠,heroic)” stay in every reader’s deep heart. I believe this also is Jin Yong’s wish. Leaving the true spirit of his work to the world as the biggest treasure to the world.

Thank you, Mr. Jin, goodbye.

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