Film Review: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Surftechy Score: 6/10

J. K. Rowling please let the professionals do their job, and u just write ur book. 

The new Fantastic Beasts movie finally released last weekends. For two years waiting, fans of this magic world finally can see the latest story of Newt. 

Like the first film, the film has superb visual effects, especially in the IMAX3D, the jump effect is amazing, let the audience feel in the magic world. 

As a work of the big world view, this film incorporates more characters, and each has its own separate story line, but the obvious shortcoming is that Rowling is only good at showing different people’s stories in books. However, in the movie, the story cannot be well balanced, and the story cannot be smoothly switched between the stories. Even the same story line cannot be smoothly told. Frequent jump cut in the film have greatly discounted the entire story. Additionally, the big world view, many roles, it is difficult to explain the identity of every characters, but the film does not seem to care, perhaps because the audience of the film is mainly fans, so it is not necessary. 

The good thing is that the film is still the same as the first one, the first-class clothing design, so fabulous. At the same time, as a writer’s Rowling, how to leave a suspense is her magic weapon, the final big surprise of the film is really amazing.

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