Review: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

SS+Kids: 8/10        

SS: 5/10 (Click here to see difference and know more about my rating)

As you may heard it before that The Nutcracker and the Four Realms only got 39 on Metascore. However, I don’t think this is a fair score.

TNFR is a typical Disney PG movie which made for children. It means that you cannot judge it by using an adult’s view. I fully agree that if you are an adult, you will find it tell a so simple story with a terrible way. But if consider yourself as a children which you may find every factors are special designed for this group.

First is the time, only 1hr 39min, which also is the longest time that a child may sit still. Every line and the way tell the story are all easy for a child to understand. You may find out that sugar lady is the villain as soon as you saw her, but kids can’t as smart as you.

Additionally, I want to criticise the media review here. They do give a fair score sometimes but sometimes they just ignore some important factors like what kind of audience is this movie facing to? Can not blindly pursue the artistry of the film with adult eyes, especially such fairy tale movies like this.

At last, Foy need to working harder on her performance, a great job she have done though. And the part of the relationship between she and her father really weak, need to be using more time tell audience the reason why, how are they suffer, and how change. Anyway just give audience more details! Speak of details, the whole movie moving so fast, sometimes not even explain every thing then ta-da anyway. And the edit work really not that good, but I can understand director and producers want audience know who is speaking, so make sure the sound and picture are presented at the same time, which make the characters of a fairy tale movie even more stupid.

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