Review:The Kominsky Method

SS: 8/10 A story about relationship between an old not famous any more actor and  his even older than him agent aka his best friends.

This Netflix original show is created by Chuck Lorre who also created The Big Bang Theory, Mom, Young Sheldon. And the cast in this show are also very “luxury”, leading cast by Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin.

Comparing other Chuck production, this show is totally different. First, he finally took his set outdoor, most scene still are indoor set though. However, the whole story is not like his sitcom, not only because all the story set in outdoor but also the way telling the whole story is different. Not like The Big Bang Theory, each episode has one different story, all the episode in this show are telling a same big story, the friendship between these two old man. I believe this is because Netflix has to online all episode at once, so sitcom method cannot work on this kind of market strategy. People easily get bored after keep watching same guys with different story. This can work on Tv network because they are weekly show and only one episode for each. Chuck tell this story in a perfect speed, not too fast neither too slow, at the same time the develop of this show making me wanna keep watching it, do not want to stop at all. Aw, he is a wonderful story teller, isn’t he?

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