Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet

SS: 7/10 Wreck-It the Ralph is back! Classic Disney movie, love and friendship forever. 

After six years waiting, Ralph fans finally got what they expected. This time, the adventure of Ralph and Vanellope took place on a bigger stage, the infinity internet.

So after R&V build a great friendship last time what will happen this time to threaten their lovable friendship? Well, I cannot tell you that. Let’s focus back on the quality of this movie.

For building a well background of this movie, writers sure do a great job of research, anthropomorphic and cartoonise the internet in a perfect way for understanding. 

 When you set a story on a bigger stage, what do you want? Definitely fully using it! Well this movie not using those wonderful factors, the story still to small, comparing the bing stage. It is like if u tell this whole story without internet, this still can work! I felt pity that this movie did not dig more about the part when Ralph saw the comments about him. That is the true internet! Internet got good people and bad people. Every thing have a dark side.

I do believe that Disney does not want to show how dark could the internet be, especially they are using so bright colour to describe this world, after all this a Disney movie.

Anyway, I fully recommend this movie, laugh and tears, relax yourself in the cinema for 2 hours. Just go.

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