review: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

SS: 9/10 Jump into the Spider-Verse with the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales 

Best Spider-Man movie ever!!! The best animation movie of the year!!! See 6 Spider-Men saving the world together, see how Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man, from a normal kid to a responsible and skilful hero.

The whole movie using a unique style, feeling the audiences are reading a comic book, feeling like those old comic book but because of the printer error, everything looks a little bit obscure. Feeling like that the director and producers bring the comic book s back to life and in 3D.

The speed of this movie is so good. A new kid got bite by the spider and from an idiot to a master is the base line of this story. And then we give him the family line. Father issue, best friend is his uncle who we all know will die. How to fix the family problem is another line. Then writers give him the third one, bad guy Fisk, other Spider-Man as his teachers, I would call this the motive line, why he want to become a real Spider-Man.

Although, 6 Spider-Man in this movie, Miles Morales is the absolute protagonist. Also could say it’s such a pity that the movie did not using too much part to talk about other Spider-Man. But luckily it did not, otherwise this movie gonna lose its focus. See, 6 charming, unique, special Spider-Man but still cannot let other steal Miles’s thunder. I’m surprise about the way they manage that!

Here comes to the flaw. The BGM really loud, even cover the line sometimes. Okay no other flaws, just buy your tickets and go to watch.

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