Review: Aquaman

SS: 5/10 Nah… Aquaman sucks.

Aquaman movie full of business movie element and cannot tell the whole story well.

I have to admit it that Wan is very talented. He know how to use elements to attract audiences. Nicole’s 45s long camera fighting scene, thriller elements, hero moment, fantastic camera, and highly restored comic character settings which can attract comic fans, but a good movie need to use these elements to tell the story right, to decorate the movie in stead of steal the story’s thunder. 

The film originally had a very clear main line, but it was influenced by the cumbersome elements of the story. Especially, those hero moment. The film is about the growth of Aquaman, so there should be only one real hero moment, that is, when he gets the king’s trident. However, this Aquaman seems to be posing from beginning to end, but the real hero time is inferior, because by then the audience has been tired of watching him pose.

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