SS: 8/10 Bumblebee, good fiction movie release in a wrong time

Bumblebee directed by Travis Knight, from Kubo and Two Strings. A very talented director who bring the Transformers series movie finally into a brand new place. Comparing past five transformers movies, no doubt this is the best of the series. The story have a very clear main line, combining with many side lines make this bumblebee much more real than ever. 

Movie like Transformers, Godzilla, King Kong are all facing a same problem, where to place the human characters? When big monsters like those above fighting together, human beings like an ant to them. People cannot directly fight them also need a perfect excuse to help them which under the limits of  human beings. In this movie, writers give Charlie the perfect job, wake up bumblebee and disconnect the alien energy stuff. It’s not a very easy piece for her but totally she can do it and without big logic loophole.  

The relationship between Bumblebee and the Charlie is quite beautiful. From afraid each other, to bounding together, to the eventually trust. When Charlie history the alien energy on that tower, Bumblebee looked at her for one second and then decided continued fighting with Shatter (Red robot). Bumblebee trust Charlie can do it and decided to fight with Shatter, buying her some time instead of destroy the  alien stuff by himself, leaving both of him and Charlie in a danger of being sneak attacked.

But this good movie really in a wrong time. All those cinema are playing Aquaman in their IMAX or 3D screens, only a few screen for bumblebee which is a way better movie than Aquaman. Again, Aquaman that movie sucks. Please buy a ticket for Bumblebee, which definitely not a waste of your time like Aquaman.

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