SS: 10/10 Simple story but meaningful

I finished watching Roma on the train to Avignon, France. Everyone around me speaking the language I cannot understand and this movie used two languages which also out of my capability as well. But language does not become the barrier between the story and me, in fact, actors’ perfect acting tell the story so good even without the need of understand their line.

A maid’s life in a broken family. When men left their family, women stay together and stay strong, becoming the the pillar of the whole family.

The film is full of metaphors, and the director’s portrayal of male and female characters is quite obvious. The two sexes are completely opposite in the film. Men claim that they have tremendous power, but they can only sway in front of the weak, and only escape at the crucial moment. Women look weak and seek men to rely on, but they are actually stronger than anyone else.

The sky in the water in the beginning of this movie and the sky at the end of the film. The doctor drove carefully, and his wife drove carelessly. The shit in the courtyard, men stand on one leg in the martial arts field. The rough sea and the maid broke the amniotic fluid.

After watching this movie, the first thought is “COOL!” Very simple story but show the powerful of female. However this movie did not win the Black Film Critics Circle awards with rank No.5 on their list. WTF? Black Panther is totally not qualified and it rand No.1?! You cannot give them high score for it is the first black superhero movie and Blade is black as well. And Wonder Woman, overpraise as well, the whole story is disaster. Just because it is the first female superhero movie.

Seriously, please don’t bring politics into the art, let the film get more evaluations than they should, rather than simply being appreciated because of the political factors involved.

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