SS: 5/10 Another disappointing ending of a film franchise.

2019, what a year. The original six Avengers finished, the Game of Throne ended, the long-life comedy The Big Bang Theory finished as well. After a long time waiting, the last FOX’s X-MEN movie, X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX finally in theatre today.

Fox’s X-MEN movies’ quality steep down so fast after the X-Men: Days of Future Past. The X-Men: Apocalypse is a total disaster. Lots of fans gave their hope on this one, the dark phoenix, however, it fails again.

Consider the title is “Dark Phoenix”, this film should be talking about how is Jean Grey turn into the dark side, and what will the rest of X-Men handling this situation, taking account of that Jean was their friend. While this film only achieved part of these. The director gave Jean reasons to trigger her to turn bad: embrace cosmic power, father abandoned her, and prof. X lied to her. Then should be how powerful she could be, the fight in the community shows her power. So, how dark could she be? This film did not answer this question. Powerful is not equal to dark. The movie is Dark Phoenix, you have to make her dark enough. In the fight scene in New York, the Brotherhood and the X-Men are much darker than Jean! Their fight definitely will hurt or kill those civilians. Jean only killed Raven(Mystique), oh and cops. But which number is doubtlessly lower than the people in the subway or the bus in New York!

If I am the writer, I would let her kill more X-Men or innocent people in front of the camera. Because of the Alien control her brain, brainwashed her, she killed a lot of people, the rest of the X-Men and Brotherhood divided into two sides, kill and capture. No matter what sides they are on, they have to deal with the alien first and together. The more they after Jean, the more mutants of them died. At last, only Scott and Prof. X still wanna cure Jean, other rest of mutants want her dead. That Alien use Jean to hurt the Brotherhood and then want her to kill Scott(or prof. X) which wake Jean up, then she decided to perish together with the alien.

I am not an expert, but making mutants fighting “Groot” is not a good idea. IMDB gave a 43 score, quite fair.

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