SS: 4/10 You know what else is burning? Me.

When you heard the name James Gunn, yes, his marvellous Guardians of The Galaxy franchise earned a good reputation for him. So when you saw his name on the producer list, you might think this movie gonna be super good. However, always remember, the producer is not equal to the director. Just like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Alita, or The Girl in the Spider’s Web, these films may be produced by those talent directors but not directed by them. Even those talent genius’ names on the cast list, you cannot fully trust the quality of the film. What should you trust? Login, see if I update the latest review, of course.

OK, let’s gets to the point. “What if Superman is bad” is the main topic if this film. A boy in a spacecraft fell off the sky, took in by a lovely couple. After 10 years, his evil power was wakened by his spacecraft. Since then a demon from space brought death and horror to this small town. The movie has three phases, discover the power, start killing, and unstoppable. Every phase has an event to push the story forward. But those events are too obvious on purpose, once happened one thing and you know what will happen next. Combine this with the horror atmosphere, audiences are more like waiting for the scare instead of they should be scared unexpectedly. When you know what will happen, you want to push the fast forward button, sadly you can’t, you are in a cinema.

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