SS: 1/10 Guess we have the “winner” of Golden Raspberry Awards this year.

Bend It Films

Using music to lead the story is not new these days, somehow using music leads the story can have a very good result. However, this film will be the example of “how music can ruin a film”. The whole story over-used Bruce Springsteen and his song. Two long music videos in the middle of the movie, expressing nothing but a boring atmosphere. Hearing Bruce’s name or songs every five seconds, literally drove me crazy.

If you wanna make a song and dance film, then go on that path. If you just want to use music lead the story, then just use it at an important point. The whole film stuck in the between of those two different kinds of film style.

The lead character, the boy, his whole behaviour is unbelievable. What an idiot.

Really not recommend this movie.

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