SS: 6/10 When the whole KGB is speaking English, that’s how the Soviet Union failed.

This summer, Luc with his new movie ANNA back to the cinema. After the failure of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which has massive investment and a not optimistic return, this movie will decide Luc’s next few years fate of creating.

According to various reviewers’ review, apparently that Anna won’t be their match. The worst thing is that only 3 shows a day in the cinema where I lived nearby. And that cinema has 15 screens.

Low score and low showing rate are enough to kill a movie. But how is this movie? Really that bad? Actually the whole story is quite fascinating. If you familiar any other Luc’s works, you will know his films usually be underestimated. His special French style narrative skills does not very feed the American reviewers’ taste, but that can’t he is bad at directing or writing.

Anna, this movie with a great story and marvellous camera, every second is beautiful, superb. The nasty thing is the time-shifting structure. Luc used time-shifting to set twists and surprise the audience, makes the audience could not guess what is the next in the film. However, when the whole movie is based on the time-shifting to narrate the story, making unpredictable into predictable. On the one hand, the audience waiting for the next twist, on the other hand, the audience tired of the twist and wish it stop.

Overview of the whole movie, the first half hour of this film is could be too slow, comparing what will happen next, the first three chapters really not fit in this film. Twice in that half hour makes me want to press the forward button. But once you calm down and keep watching it, the next few chapters will WOW you.

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