From Cinderella to The Lion King, Second thought on Remake movies

The Lion King film with it’s “luxurious cast” and advanced CGI technology will definitely become the new hit in the box office. However, what behind the remake films need us to pay more attention.


With technology developing, there are many new technologies helping filmmakers to better tell their stories. With the motion capture, people making apes talking on the screen. With robot double, human actors don’t need to risk their life to do a dangerous scene. With 3D, 4DX, IMAX‚Ķ, audience sinking into the scenario, having a great adventure with characters from the core of the earth to the deep space.

As the giant film production company, Disney with its top-class studios are the leader in so many ways in the industry. Such as Pixar’ 3D animation technology and the great CGI tech from StarWars. Not only has massive technology, but Disney also has various IPs (intellectual property), aka high-value stories. Seeing Disney combining IPs with high-tech would not be surprised to me. But apart from earning massive profits from remaking classic story, can Disney benefit more from it? I would say no.


After watching The Lion King, whenever I recall the scenario from the film, the picture in my head is from the original The Lion King movie, yes, that cartoon. At first, I didn’t pay attention to this, but after a few times later, I tried to ask my self why the cartoon one is the first picture appear in my head even though the CGI one I just watched days ago, which I should freshly remember and should be the first picture in my head whenever I recall the scenario. And then, I tried The Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella and include the latest one, Mulan, I watched the trailer several times. The remake films are hard to be the first picture in my head, but the classic one did.


The problem for now should be clear. Remake films may hard to beat the classic one, making the remake film nothing but a fast-food film. With the spirit of remake everything, for an industry which needs to be creative every day is very dangerous. Technology development fast than ever, 10 years later, VR, AR, or even MR movies will come to our daily life. Till then, remake everything and earn some fast money then wait for the next ten years? I highly doubt this “remake” stuff will bring the industry to higher development. Instead of not helping the industry, I would say in some way is damage the industry.

If I only accusing Disney of having no progress, it would not be fair. Like Disney, many production companies in the industry also remaking, rebooting or restoring their films. And if they really did a good job, they won’t on my accusing list.

The good news is that there still are some filmmakers who devote themselves to the industry and try to produce high-value films. But those giant production companies doing nothing but refresh their former works, the damage to the industry is unpredictable.

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