SS: 6/10 Unlike other horror films, Crawl‘s way to express the horror element is more like a lucky draw.

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After a long period of silence, the horror film finally returned to the cinema. However, audiences are getting pickier than before after recent horror films’ training, the audience began to get tired of the traditional jump scared. Crawl provides a form of horror that is not new but is rare in recent years.

Let the characters aside, ’cause people always act stupid in horror film. The way that Crawl control the atmosphere is other horror films don’t have. Unlike ghost haunting, you may don’t know what is next shock for you, Crawl told you from the very beginning of the film, gators, they hid in the water, in the dark, in the corner of your eyesight. And you always know what they capable and what way they are going to jump out. Because the audience knows, it makes the film even more horrifying than others. Just like Jaws, you know what they can do, so you know the shock is anytime now, which makes the atmosphere tenser and really bring the audience into the scene.

However, this film does have a weird character building. The daughter and his father’s background story did not help the film show the beauty of humanity, compared to the cold-blooded crocodiles. There is no effective emotional interaction between the father and daughter. The film is too focused on giving the daughter a reason to save her and explain why she can swim so fast.

Overall, Crawl is a horror film with a relatively novel theme in recent years. It is especially brilliant in a pile of ghost films. It is worth two hours of the weekend to experience the nightmare from the deepwater crocodiles.

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